Wellness Services

Naturopathic Healthcare provided by Dr. Amy Whittington:

Naturopathic Consultations
Dr. Whittington will take a complete health history, perform any pertinent exams, and order any lab-work necessary (or interpret any existing lab-work you might have) in order to make recommendations for your health.  

New Patient Initial Appointment: $215 Non-Member | $185 Member 
Follow Up: $75 Non-Member | $65 Member  

Injections including B12, B6, and other B vitamins have been shown to decrease fatigue and boost metabolism and mood and are linked to heart and brain health. Additionally, B12 has been shown to increase energy and mental function.

Tuesday Happy Hour (12-1pm): $20
B12 by Appointment: $25
Lipotropic + B12: $30
Homeopathic Anti-Viral for Treatment or Prevention of Many Viral Illness: $20

Lab Testing
Traditional Labs | Often Covered by Insurance
Salivary Hormone Panels | Prices Vary
Food Intolerance Panel | Prices Vary
Sleep Balance Profile | $245
Weigh Management Profile | $300-375

Utilized for the last 4-5,000 years and traditionally as a comprehensive system of medicine used to treat virtually any disease or dysfunction. In Western medicine, acupuncture has mostly become known for its effectiveness in decreasing pain, and for its ability to induce relaxation and bring the body back into balance. It is often used for treatment of neck pain, low back pain, knee pain, headaches, minor depression and anxiety, and much more.

Single Treatment: $110 Non-Member | $90 Member
Series of 6: $550 Non-Member | $450 Member  

RESET Detoxification Program
10-day program of clean eating and detoxification to promote health, nutrition, weight loss and more.
Medical Screen, Detox Supplement, and Educational Materials | $125

Natural Aesthetic
REFRESH Micropen Collagen Induction Therapy
Reduces fine lines, scarring, and discolorations.

Face: $225
Add-ons: Each $50 | All Three $110
Hand, neck or décolleté

Skin tightening to improve firmness for your neck, face, upper arms, legs buttocks, and abdomen.           
Prices vary based on areas treated.