Classic Massage:
50 Minutes: $70 Member   | $90 Non-Member
80 Minutes: $100 Member | $115 Non-Member

The ultimate in full body relaxation; this massage uses light to medium pressure to relieve stress, ease muscle tension and improve circulation.

Alvea Hot Rock Therapy:
50 Minutes: $75 Member   | $95 Non-Member
80 Minutes: $105 Member | $125 Non-Member
Integrating the ancient art of healing, our therapists will utilize heated river rocks indicative to the desert to reduce inflammation and restore balance to tense muscles and sore joints over the entire body.

50 Minutes: $75 Member   | $95 Non-Member
80 Minutes: $105 Member
| $125 Non-Member
A massage that starts with a gentle exfoliation to prepare for an experience that combines warm, aromatic, herbal infused oils with the techniques and traditions of Eastern and Western cultures to take you on a wonderful sensory journey that will leave the skin radiant and the body completely relaxed.

50 Minutes: $75 Member  | $95 Non-Member
80 Minutes: $105
Member| $125 Non-Member
Alvea Spa’s ultimate massage treatment; truly customized to accommodate your individual needs utilizing many different massage techniques and styles, relieving muscle pain and tension.

Deep Tissue:
50 Minutes: $80 Member  | $100 Non-Member
80 Minutes: $110
Member | $130 Non-Member
An intense, penetrating massage that gives special manipulation of deep muscle tissue to relieve stress, tension and chronic muscle problems.

50 Minutes: $75 Member | $95 Non-Member
80 Minutes: $105 Member
| $125 Non-Member
This is the perfect massage after a challenging tennis match or a long round of golf.  The combination of stretching and various massage techniques relieve tension and soothe tired, stressed muscles.

25 Minutes: $55 Member | $65 Non-Member
50 Minutes: $75 Member
| $95 Non-Member
Healing properties of pressure point stimulation will assist in enhancing circulation, promoting balance and releasing tension.

Pre-natal Massage:
50 Minutes: $70 Member | $90 Non-Member
A gentle and nurturing treatment for the “mom to be"(after first trimester).

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage:
25 Minutes: $55 Member | $65 Non-Member
This soothing massage will relieve tension and improve circulation in the most common stress areas of the body.

Couples and Friends Massages:
Enjoy relaxation with a friend or loved one in our massage room built for two.
No additional charge; price is based per person; be certain to request when booking